Facilitation Skills and Counseling Techniques

Facilitation Skills and Counseling Techniques

For the following client dialogue summary please generate counselor responses:

Client, “Some people say that I only like him for his money. Hahaha, well… maybe that’s true, but it makes me sad that they would think that. I don’t want to be seen that way. Sure I love going out on his yacht and I like it when he spends money on me, but it’s fun. I don’t love him and we’re just having fun now, but I think that he wants to get married. I grew up thinking it was really important to find someone you love and settle down with them, but I’m having fun. Maybe I will marry him. I don’t know. Is my time up? I don’t want to be here. Everyone has a therapist though and it’s fun to say I have one too. I guess you’re helping, but really it’s just for show. I like flashy things and you’re one of the flashy things I have that my boyfriend pays for.”

1. Reflection of Meaning (“You value_____________ . “OR “________________ gives you purpose.” or “_______________ is meaningful to you.”)

2. Confrontation – Values and Behavior (“You value ____________, but you act _______________.”)

3. Confrontation – Verbal and Verbal (“I’m hearing you say ____________________, but it sound like you are also saying ______________________.”)

4. Give the client feedback. Remember to ask first, be specific, focus on a strength, and then check in with them.

Example: “Would you mind if I gave you some feedback? When you _____________________ I feel ___________________ and it would be helpful to ____________________ instead. How did you receive that?”

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