a current healthcare issue in canada

nstructions: Choose a current healthcare issue or trend outlined in one of the required readings, such as: health human resource shortages, rising drug costs, cost reduction vs. improvement of care, wait times, and so on. You may choose any topic, as long as it is current and relevant. Use a variety of resources, including course readings and other literature to write a report which provides a thorough analysis of the issue chosen. The following elements must be included: 1. Explain the issue or trend, including the background, history, present state, and any other relevant information to provide a clear summary of the subject. (6 marks) The reader should gain a thorough understanding of the issue at hand. Your summary should also show compelling evidence of why the issue is current and important. (6 marks) 2. Provide a summary of the impacts of the issue on the healthcare system, providers, patients, government or any other group that may be affected directly or indirectly. (3 marks) 3. Explain any relevant strategies, programs or initiatives implemented by any levels of government, local organizations or agencies to target the issue and how those programs or initiatives intend to improve the situation or impact the issue at hand (i.e.: what are the goals of the programs or initiatives?). (6 marks) 4. Provide an appraisal of how programs or initiatives implemented may have impacts in other areas of the system (i.e.: changes made in one area of the system or one healthcare environment may have impacts on other areas, intentionally or unintentionally). For example, a change made in acute care may have an impact on the long-term care sector. (6 marks) ” rearning ” a division of ……. HealthCareCAN ALGONQU!~~ COLLEGE 2 © HealthCareCAN All rights reserved 5. Outline what you feel the future or outcome of the issue will be, based on what you know of the healthcare system and of the strategies aimed at tackling this issue. This may be a combination of your opinion with what you have read in the literature. (6 marks) 6. Explain how this issue or trend may impact the HIM profession or HIM professionals, or how HIM Professionals may be involved. (3 marks) Requirements (9 marks total) 1. Report format with full sentences and paragraphs, and clear headings or separations to show you have met the above criteria. The report should include a clear introduction and conclusion. (3 marks) 2. Proper grammar, spelling and sentence structure. (3 marks) 3. Use of APA referencing for all citations. Failure to properly reference is grounds for failure or discipline. (3 marks) 4. Approximately 1500-2000 words.

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