actionoriented style and a readerfriendly design

ENGL 421 Assignment 1 (15%-Individual) F1
Deadline: 20/10/2021, 23:59
Instructions: Make a technical document in plain/informative style to introduce your
major as an engineer considering primary and secondary readers. Brainstorm and decide
on the readers before you make your document. Please see the grading rubric for
reference and the syllabus for plagiarism and late submission policy.
Use this sheet for making your document after filling in the blanks below. The
information below is required, and it should match the document you make.

Your Major:
Primary Readers (10 pts): _________________________________________
Secondary Readers (10 pts): _________________________________________

Grading Criteria Excellent
Very good
Organization, Design, and
Uses a logical structure with
all the information included
to meet the needs of
different types of readers.
Clear organization,
consistency of actionoriented style and a readerfriendly design. Images
reinforce the text.
Generally, shows a logical
progression of ideas. Some
need-to-know information is
missing. Some errors in
organization and consistency
of style. Consistent design
features. Images reinforce
the text.
Ideas are arranged randomly
rather than in any evident
logical structure. The
meaning is not always clear,
and some points are not
related to the needs of the
readers. Numerous errors in
organization. Inconsistent
style and design features.
Poor organization. Ideas are
random, lacks internal
coherence. Ideas are either
too general or too specific
to be effective; some are
not at all related to the
topic. Ignores the readers’
Coherence: Introduction and
Excellent introduction (with
purpose) and conclusion
(calling for action, providing
ways to find further
information). Transitions
have been used effectively.
Contains a good introduction
and conclusion; however, any
of the following is missing:
selecting the topic, the
purpose, transitions, specific
title. Appropriate use of
Has an intro and conclusion
but several important
elements specified in the
guidelines are missing. Poor
use of transitions.
The introduction or the
conclusion is missing or is
Content Development Informative and persuasive
content presented in welldeveloped sentences based
on need to know
information. Strong evidence
is used to support or
illustrate points.
Informative and persuasive
content with missing little
information; paragraphs are
not well-developed, missing
details. Evidence is used.
Irrelevant sentences
presented; paragraphs are
not developed, or the
content is not sufficient. No
evidence is used.
Unduly brief.
Language Use: Sentence
skills, mechanics, grammar,
The document is error-free
with varied sentences,
relevant vocabulary,
excellent grammar,
punctuation, and spelling.
Words are accurately chosen
to produce the desired effect.
The ideas are sometimes too
general or vague. Sentences
are generally clear, well
structured, and error-free
with few errors, but they do
not impede understanding.
Some sentences are wordy;
Words are not always used
accurately and effectively; it
is repetitive or confusing.
Contains several mechanical
errors, which may confuse
the reader.
Too vague or too general.
Poor grammar used.
Contains either many
mechanical errors or a few
crucial errors that hinder
the understanding or ability
to see connections between

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