Addiction from Multiple Perspectives

Discussion 1: Taking Sides: Viewing Addiction from Multiple Perspectives

There is no “right” perspective on addiction, merely competing viewpoints. In order to truly understand addiction, and to be able to effectively discuss addiction with your clients and colleagues, you need to understand each model for addressing addiction, as well as the theories that provide support these models. Once you understand all of the models, only then can you decide which one you find fits best with your own beliefs and opinions.

Post by Day 3 an explain addiction from the model/perspective assigned to you by your Instructor this week (medical, physical dependence, or behavioral/choice). Within your Discussion post, be sure to include theoretical and empirical support for your assigned model/perspective.

Note: Students will be assigned a perspective by the Instructor to ensure all three models/perspectives are addressed in the Discussion. Rosalyn and Victoria: Physical Dependence Model

It should be noted that the Diagnostic Criteria for Substance Dependence/Abuse listed on p. 89 in the Lichtblau text. Please reference the DSM–V Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders section for current criteria.

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