Administrative Health Care Annotated Bibliography

Administrative Health Care Annotated Bibliography

Accountability is important to research, and the implications are especially important to health care research. Researchers must act with integrity and apply high standards of ethical behavior in their research. You must understand that your judgement and actions help shape research not only due to what you include in it, but also due to what you omit from a study.

Effective research begins with reviewing the literature. In this annotated bibliography assignment, you will demonstrate your skill in accountability as you evaluate the impact of legal and regulatory requirements on health care research, in addition to those impacts on the delivery of health care.

Assignment Preparation 

Access Locate Peer-Reviewed / Scholarly Materials on the Week 2 University Library page to review and watch the videos about how to find articles.

Search the University Library for peer-reviewed research articles related to the impact of legal and regulatory requirements in health care. Incorporate the following requirements:

  • Choose research articles that describe a research study, not an editorial or brief.
  • Prioritize research studies based in the United States from 2010 to present day.
  • Select health topics of interest to you or your job, with no complex statistical analyses.

Select at least 4 peer-reviewed research articles to use to complete an annotated bibliography. The 4 peer-reviewed research articles can be based on the same or different topics, provided there is focus on the legal and regulatory requirements in health care.

Follow these instructions to review the Sample Annotated Bibliography:

  1. Visit the Center for Writing Excellence.
  2. Access the APA Templates and Samples section.
  3. Select “Sample Annotated Bibliography.”
Assignment Directions

Prepare an annotated bibliography of the 4 peer-reviewed research articles you selected from the University Library. For each of the 4 peer-reviewed research articles:

  • 200-word summary of each research article.
  • Describe the major areas of the research article, such as the sample, geographic location, and the outcome. Remember, annotations must not include any direct quotes or in-text citations.
  • Explain the legal or regulatory impact of the research study described in the research article.


Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

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