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Role of Advance Practice Nurse



Distinguish between Advanced Nursing Practice (ANP) and the Advanced Practice Nurse (APN). 

“Advanced nursing practice is a nurse field that extends the boundaries of nursing practice, helps in contributing to nursing knowledge as well, a promoting the advancement of the nursing profession” (Tappen, 2017). On the other hand, a nurse with an ANP title has completed the master’s or doctorate, allowing the nurse to pursue higher-level roles in their respective fields. The nurses become more autonomous and versatile in the service delivery.

Briefly define advanced nursing practice and the four roles in nursing about clinical practice, primary care, education, administration, and health information. 

According to Miranda Neto, et al., (2018) “advanced nursing practice is a field of nursing that extends and expands the boundaries of nursing’s scope of practice, contributes to nursing knowledge, and promotes the advancement of the profession.” the healthcare industry is changing at a very high pace which therefore requires that the healthcare professionals are also up to the task. The ANPs have various healthcare roles that help improve the outcomes of the patients. The first one is their role in helping in nursing research. The principal objective is to improve the patient’s safety and quality by understanding the science at hand and the approaches behind the efficient use of evidence and implementation of change.

The second role is that these nurses help in managing the overall care by prescribing medications. APRNs are required to prescribe controlled drugs listed in schedule II to a limit of only seven days supplies. The prescription does not, however, take in psychotropic medications prescribed for children aged below 18 years. Another role is that these nurses help in offering education to the patients. Patients’ education is crucial in nursing practice to help improve the outcome of the treatment, such as through medication adherence. Lastly, they also help in offering leadership to the other nurses. Nurse leaders are motivated and empowered to accomplish some goals, and they lead others in ensuring that the goals and objectives are achieved.

Discuss the role you intend to acquire through SUO. Include experiences and qualities you have that have influenced your decision. Include your philosophy. 

I intend to acquire knowledge and skills that will help me advance in public health nursing. Public health nursing is a practice that helps promote and protect the population’s health through knowledge from social sciences, public health, and nursing. Unlike the other nurses who mainly help in a wide variety of healthcare settings, public health nurses improve patients’ health by providing community channels and information on various topics such as sanitation and education (Stanhope, & Lancaster, 2019). Their primary work involves many basic concepts like healthy living promotion, prevention of diseases and health problems, rehabilitation, wellness, among many others. I am very passionate about the prevention of diseases and health promotion in the community.

Develop a minimum of ten questions that you would like to ask the advanced practice clinician or non-clinician you have chosen to interview.  

1. What do you love most about your career as an advanced practice clinician?

2. Why did you choose this job?

3. What other kinds of nursing/other jobs did you ever do?

4. What is your role in reducing the unfavorable outcomes in healthcare?

5. What is the difference between the other nursing career and advanced practice clinician?

6. How would you describe your role in admission and staffing decisions?

7. What do you do to eradicate the barrier of medication adherence?

8. How do you ensure the use of evidence-based practices and patient-centered care?

9. How do you ensure collaboration and good communication between you and the various healthcare professionals?

10. What is the role of technology in helping improve the patients’ quality of care?


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Tappen, R. M. (2017). Advanced nursing research: From theory to practice. Jones & Bartlett Publishers.

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