Advocacy Options

Advocacy Options

Advocacy Options: Advocacy Assignment (40 points): Advocating is the practice of educating law makers about issues that are important to the field of nutrition and dietetics. The Illinois Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and will be hosting a virtual lobby days webinar and/or town hall meetings this semester on licensure. To complete this assignment, you will need to attend the virtual lobby days and/or a virtual town hall meeting. You will need to write a reflection paper about the relationship between the government and community nutrition (3 pages). In addition, you will need to write and send a letter to your legislator about a nutrition related issue and/or complete an action alert through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (1 page). View one of 2 options below- both are offered through IAND for Free for members. Please let me know if you have any issues finding either.



Visit and then click on professional


Under Live and Recorded Webinar you will find our 2021 IAND Public Policy

Licensure Town Hall (Recorded) or 2021 Public Policy Webinar


federal legislator.

For the Letter portion- you can either send a letter on a topic of your choosing to your state or federal legislator. You can also use the template on our website to send a letter to your IL State Rep on our licensure bill. You can find information and the template on scroll down and you will find a link that says, “click here to download a copy of the IAND constituent email template to send to your STATE representative.

” To find your lawmaker I would recommend using the following link.. You can use the map and look for your State Rep. Your State Rep and State Senator will have an office in Springfield in addition to an office in your district. Your Federal Rep will have an office in Washington D.C. and one in your district. If you choose to send a letter on HB3585, the letter needs to go to your IL State House Rep.

You can click on details to view option 1 or option 2- 2021 IAND Public Policy

Licensure Town Hall (Recorded) or 2021 Public Policy Webinar– Both are free for




Alternatively, you can also complete an action alert on a federal issue through The current Action Alerts:

1. Prioritize Nutrition Funding 2. Support Diversity in Nutrition in Dietetics in Allied Health 3. Tell Senators to Co-Sponsor the School Food Service Modernization Act 4. Expand MNT for Eating Disorders in Medicare 5. Support Medicare coverage of IBT for Obesity by RDN’s

I completed one of the action alerts and it took me 18 seconds..a total of 2 clicks. Super easy!


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