Agents of Change in a Changing World

Week 6 Discussion – Agents of Change in a Changing World!



Over the duration of this course you have developed a foundational understanding of ecology and have investigated many of the challenges facing the natural functioning of healthy ecosystems. In our final Discussion, reflect on your learning and consider the big ideas that you will take with you after you leave the course. Think about the challenges facing our species and others and consider some of the possibilities that can lead to a brighter future for life in the ecosphere.

With these thoughts in mind, complete the following:

Primary Research-based Post (45 points):


Post: a four or more paragraph research based post in which you:


  1. Summarize and reflect on some of the lessons in this course that you found most important.
  2. Describe in more detail one environmental challenge that you found particularly compelling, urgent, or concerning.
  3. Reflect on a political or economic policy, individual action, or other solution to an environmental challenge that you would either advocate for or plan to implement personally.
  4. Please use the subject line of your post to draw readership.
  5. Please cite at least two authoritative reference sources from beyond the course text.

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