agricultural production model

Soil Resources (Regeneration of our land)

Watch the video and answer the following questions

  • What are two practices widely used in current agricultural production model? (2pts)
  • Explain how these practices have impacted the soil ecosystem in two ways? (2pts)
  • Explain how the top soil and organic matter level have been affected by modern farming practices. (2pts)
  • Explain why do farmers in the US need to use tile drainage? Why this practice is bad for the environment? (2pts)
  • How do herbicides and pesticides affect the soil biology? (2pts)
  • What are couple of effects do the current production model have on our health? (2pts)
  • What are nature’s ways of functioning to preserve the soil resources? (3 pts)
  • List the five principles we must follow in order to follow nature’s model (5 pts)

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