Aliens and Bacteria the Evolution of Life Discussion

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Discussion 4: Aliens and Bacteria

We always imagine aliens (extraterrestrial life) as weird looking intelligent creatures that are able to cross the galaxies and visit us from time to time. In fact, there is a whole show on Ancient Aliens on history channel (even on Netflix) that talks about them, and our imagination runs with it, sometimes it is scary and sometimes beneficial, judges by all the movies about them 🙂

Looking on the science side, we do know have a discipline of astrobiologist, as we’ve learned more about microorganisms and microbiology, it became obvious that sometimes bacteria and archaea can live in extreme conditions and survive with no further issues, even outside of Earth, with no air, and no water. There are also several instances where bacteria have been found on recent meteors that have fallen to the ground and with our ability to fly in space and land on the Moon and Mars, some of the samples that have been brought have bacteria or evidence of bacteria on them.

So, please list some of the evidence that support alien lives (at least three) and explain why astrobiologist is as cool as it sounds 🙂

Here are a few articles to get you started. Please do not forget to list the references and provide comments to your classmates. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

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