American Commercial College of Texas Hydrogeology Slug Tests Lab Report

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During lab we conducted slug tests on wells located at Miles Crossing near Ramsay. For this lab you will need to use the data from the well you tested and determine the hydraulic conductivity of the aquifer surrounding the well.

  1. Labs must have names! Labs without names will be deducted 2 points (If you chose a digit submission via Moodle, make sure you name in both in the actual document and in the document submission name)
  2. Include all graphs and/or data tables you make.
  3. Include symbolically represented equations and define your variables. Please label each equation.
  4. You do not need to include a calculation for every iterative process. However, you should have at least one sample calculation for each equation you use.
  5. This is a very calculation heavy lab assignment so please be neat/organized. Use as much scrap paper as you need (the trees will forgive you, I promise).

everything is attached.

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