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 2015 American Nurses Association






What do we mean by “commitment beyond individual patient encounters”?

Provisions 7-9 focus on the expanded duties of the nurse and the nursing profession in advancing nursing and health care nationally and globally.

Provisions 7-9, Commitment Beyond Individual Patient Encounters


The nurse, in all roles and settings, advances the profession through research and scholarly inquiry, professional standards development, and the generation of both nursing and health policy. Interpretive Statements 7.1 Contributions Through Research and Scholarly Inquiry 7.2 Contributions Through Developing, Maintaining, and Implementing Professional Practice Standards 7.3 Contributions Through Nursing and Health Policy Development


Provision 7


Knowledge development advancing the body of nursing science.

All nurses engage in scholarly activity by providing evidence-informed practice.

Nurse researchers follow national/international standards for conducting research with human participants.

All research must be approved by institutional review boards (IRBs) in compliance with national standards.

Patient welfare must never be jeopardized for research findings.


7.1 Contributions Through Research and Scholarly Inquiry




Do not generally have access to government or private resources to meet basic needs:

Low-income persons

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