Ancient History and River Valley Civilizations Questions

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This week I want you to answer two questions from the following question bank in 200 words each:

1. Compare the three river valley civilizations (Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Indus Valley) and state the differences between the three. Cite examples in your answers and put the page numbers in parenthesis like so, (Bulliet et al, 7)

2. Compare Richard Bulliet’s analysis of the Epic of Gilgamesh (Chapter “River Valley Civilizations”) with the primary source (Pg 8 of the pdf), The Epic of Gilgamesh and comment how ancient Mesopotamians conceived of the Divine and the Supernatural

3. Study the Egyptian Book of Instructions (2300 BCE), The Amarna Letters and Sumerian Law Code of Lipit Ishtar to give examples of the position of lower classes and women in ancient river valley civilizations. Study Bulliet’s chapter to give yourself an idea of what to look for.

4. Compare the position of women across the civilizations of Egypt (Book of Instructions, Amarna Letters), Mesopotamia (Sumerian Law Code) and Indus Valley (Bulliet’s chapter) with the help of both the Primary sources and the secondary source (Bulliet’s chapter).

5. What was the relationship between the pharaoh and other rulers in ancient Egypt? Use both primary (Amarna letters) and secondary sources in your answer.

6. Study the Shi Jing and compare the ways in which the Shang dynasty thought of the supernatural world and spirits with ancient Egypt (Secondary reading) and Mesopotamia (Primary and secondary source).


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