Appendix G – Spiritual / Praying

Appendix G – Spiritual / Praying

· No single word responses (at least 100+ words for each response)

· Give at least 1 example.

· Cite resources, APA formatting (7th ed)

· Give the questions some thought and answer honestly.

· Number your answers to correspond with the question.


1. Describe a time spirituality was important in your life or that of someone you love or cared for (e.g., family member, friend, patient). Why was it meaningful in that situation?

2. What would you do if a patient asked you to pray with them or read the Bible or another holy book, he/she might have at the bedside? How would this request make you feel? Would you experience any conflict if you were a different faith than the patient? Explain your answer.

3. There is something called scripting which is having something written and memorized for difficult situations. Write a prayer or spiritual message you could use in the above situation. Explain why you chose those words.


· Thoroughness: 1) All components of questions answered 2) Answers relevant to topic 3) Clear logic and smooth transitions.



· Support for Answer(s): 1) References* included AND/OR 2) Examples provided *References REQUIRED for non-opinion-based questions.


· Mandates: 1) Meets minimum length requirements

· Mechanics of Writing: 1) Correct spelling 2) Correct grammar/punctuation 3) Accurate APA format for citations and references


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