Application & Usage of ANOVA in General Health Behaviors

The purpose of this assignment is to calculate and interpret an ANOVA table. For this assignment, use IBM SPSS Statistics.

Part 1:

Using the “Example Dataset,” assess this statement using ANOVA: “People with different levels of education exercise for different amounts of time during the week.”

Select and conduct the appropriate ANOVA test to assess the statement. Export the ANOVA table to a Word document.

Part 2:

In 250-500 words, discuss the following regarding the use of ANOVA.

  1. Describe when the use of ANOVA is more appropriate than the use of a t-test.
  2. Describe which ANOVA test you used and why.
  3. Interpret the results by (a) stating the reason the study or test was done; (b) presenting the main results, including explaining the within and between subjects variation and the F-ratio from the ANOVA table; (c) explaining what the results mean, including discussing whether there is a statistically significant difference between education groups and amount of exercise; and (d) making suggestions for future research.

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