Apply Concept Of Vocation As Related To Work

Activity 4: Essay — Apply Concept of Vocation as Related to Work


Image of writing iconWe have examined various issues around the concept of choosing a vocation and its connection to living a life of service for the common good and the implications for finding a balance with relationships and the complexities of the modern world.


Write a three-page APA-format essay sharing a story that illustrates your understanding of vocation and its relationship to your work. Your paper should reflect critical engagement with at least four of the assigned readings as well as your own experience.







Required Reading

From Leading Lives that Matter

· Muirhead, R. “Democracy and the Value of Work”

· Sayers, D. L. “Why Work?”

· Meilaender, G. “Friendship and Vocation”

· Piercy, M. “To Be of Use”

· Bonhoeffer, D. “The Place of Responsibility”

· Buechner, F. “Vocation”

· Campbell, W. “Vocation as Grace”

Additional Required Materials

· The top five regrets of the dying

· Video: Annie Hall Clip  (0:56 minutes) (Transcript)

· Fr. Boyle Video (1:03:23 minutes)

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