Aspen University Ariana Sore Throat and Fever Pediatric Case Study

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Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to help you to achieve the following Course Student Learning

Outcomes. You will review Situation Awareness and Antibiotic Stewardship principles and put them into

action in the service of a pediatric patient. At least 8 pages

Situation: Ten-year-old Ariana Merchante’s parents bring her to the Emergency Department (ED). They

report to the triage nurse that for the last 24 hours Ariana has had a sore throat and a fever. The parents

appear to be anxious and very concerned about their daughter. Because Ariana’s attempts at movement were

weak and uncoordinated, her father used a hospital wheelchair to bring her into the ED from the car.

The case study and the rubric are attached. Notes necessary for the case study are also included in the zipped file

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