Assessing Client Fall Risks 

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1.  Client Safety: Assessing Client Fall Risks

2.  Client Safety: Caring for an Older Adult

3.  Fluid and Electrolyte Imbalances: Causative Factors of Hypokalemia

4.  Fluid and Electrolyte Imbalances: Interpreting Arterial Blood Gases

5.  Fluid and Electrolyte Imbalances: Laboratory Values Associated with Dehydration

6.  Infection Control: Droplet Precautions

7.  Infection Control: Isolation Precautions for Tuberculosis

8.  Infection Control: Preventing Transmission of Micro-Organisms

9.  Nutrition and Oral Hydration: Priority Action for Client Receiving Gastrostomy Tube Feedings

10.  Pain Management: Determining the Severity of Postoperative Pain

11.  Peripheral Vascular Disease: Teaching about Venous Insufficiency

12.  Pharmacokinetics and Routes of Administration: Administering Transdermal Medication

13.  Pressure Ulcers, Wounds, and Wound Management: Laboratory Values Indicating Infection

14.  Safe Medication Administration and Error Reduction: Questioning an Excessive Dose

15.  Safe Medication and Error Prevention: Client Identifiers

16.  Total Parenteral Nutrition: Assessing for Hypoglycemia

17.  Vital Signs: Appropriate Action for Measuring Oral Temperature

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