Banning the Plastic Bags Pros of Banning Plastic Bags

the topic is banning the plastic bag use and we are arguing pro



  • The part in red should not be included in your submission (for plagiarism %).
  • APA format (12 / Times Roman/ Title page/ references).
  • Title page: topic, your name, ID, which side you are presenting PRO/CON
  • Second page: Debate part 1 the four questions answered: topic/ why/ side/ peer name.
  • Each argument – one article.
  • 4 articles total
  • Reference page
  • Argument – 1- maximum 4 full complete sentences. Based on the article
  • Warrant/ Evidence– summary of the statistics of the article. This is NOT based on your opinion.5 to max 10 sentences (one paragraph).
  • Impact – 3- max 6 sentences. If the article does not have a conclusion/ impact/ why does this matter write your own understanding of why does this matter in a bigger scale- national/ regional/ globally.
  • Use the bellow guideline to write your arguments.
  • This must be typing NO handwriting will be accepted.
  • Plagiarism = maximum 20% .
  • Must be submitted via Portal.
  • No individual late submission will be accepted.

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