Best Marketing City for Money Transfer Services Co Marketing Analysis

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(Majority is done in the attachment)

You are a marketing analyst for a large software company that specializes in multinational installations of an app that facilitates money transfer to and from overseas companies. Your company’s target for this exercise is companies with a foreign parent, with at least 100 employees, and $5 million in sales. You have been tasked with finding new areas for the firm to target and to create prospect databases for those areas. Government data shows Texas is a growing state with a lot of international trade, so start your analysis there.

Your assignment is as follows:

  1. Follow the Reference USA Step-by-Step Guide to obtain your descriptive data.
  2. You will be using SPSS to run descriptive statistics on the data that you just downloaded in Step 1. If you have never used the descriptives function in SPSS, watch this video for guidance.

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