Biodiversity and Living Organisms Questions Discussion

Biodiversity and Living Organisms Discussion

Which statement best describes natural selection?


Which option describes a condition required for natural selection to occur?

How does genetic variation help individuals in a population?


What best defines the fitness of an organism?

Select all that apply.

A region has rabbits with two different coat colors—brown and white. The white rabbits are easily spotted in the grassy field by a hawk from above.

How will natural selection affect the frequency of the trait in the rabbit population?


What is biodiversity?

What defines a mutation?


In North America, apple maggots and hawthorn maggots are commonly observed. The apple-feeding organism developed from the hawthorn-feeding species somewhere between 1800 and 1850 after the introduction of apples in North America. Now both organisms are found in the same area but do not feed on the same food items.

Which type of speciation is present in these organisms?

In inbreeding, closely related individuals reproduce, which reduces the overall genetic variation.

What is the likely significance of low genetic variation in a population?

What best defines a genetic disorder?

Select all that apply.


What are the causes of biodiversity loss in a given area?

Select all that apply.

What is habitat fragmentation?


The red-eyed tree frog is found in the canopy of rainforests throughout Central America, Southern Mexico, and South America. It feeds on flies and moths.

What will reduce the population of this frog?

What option best defines invasive species?

Kudzu is a plant of the pea family that is native to Japan. It was introduced in the United States as a great tool for soil erosion. However, Kudzu is now overtaking and displacing other plants of the southeastern United States such as Sweetshrub, Bee Balm, Big Bluestem, and many more.

Which of these is an invasive species?

The zebra mussel is a species native to Europe that was accidentally introduced to other regions, including the United States.

How has the introduction of this invasive species impacted the ecosystem of the Great lakes?

In Seneca lake, plankton are the producers that are consumed by many fish. When the fish die, they are decomposed by bacteria. This process releases vital nutrients into the water for producers. Zebra mussels are an invasive species that also feed on plankton.

What will be the effect of zebra mussels on the food web if they are introduced into Seneca lake?

What does it mean to hybridize an organism?


What categorizes a species as endangered?

When there are less than 2,500 mature individuals of a species, then that species is classified as endangered. The table shows the list of species and their current numbers in the world.

Species Number
white rhino 20,000
Cross River gorilla 200-300
fin whale 100,000
brown bear 200,000

Which of these is an endangered species?


What is the Endangered Species Act?

What is a gene drive?

What are the potential uses of a gene drive?

Select all that apply.

How does a gene drive work?


How are genes inherited in organisms that are diploid?

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