Bioethical Dilemma & Physician Assisted Suicide Discussion

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Identify and research any ethical/bioethical dilemma in health care covered in this course (such as Physician Assisted Suicide, Abortion, Euthanasia, End of Life Issues, Stem Cells, AIDS/HIV issues, Reproductive Issues, Genetic Engineering and Testing etc.). Discuss both pro and con positions and defend your preferred position from an ethical standpoint. It is suggested that you do substantial reading of articles and texts prior to writing you paper, since many students change their position after doing the researchYou MUST integrate and reference relevant ethical principles/models applicable to your position. The paper must be well thought out and organized into sections with headings. It must include at least 1 page devoted to the introduction, 3 pages devoted to the pro position, 3 pages devoted to the con position and 2 pages devoted to your final (pro/con) position – for a total of NO MORE than 11 pages (excluding the abstract, cover page and the reference page.)

NOTE: Your paper MUST:

  • Include 4 section headings (introduction, pro, con and your final position)
  • Integration and reference to relevant Bioethical principles /models covered in this course
  • All facts MUST be supported by citations from the literature.
  • Include a minimum of 7 references.
  • Include APA format

Grading criteria

  • Introduction: Description of the particular ethical/bioethical dilemma and it’s importance on Health care practice/policy 15%
  • Critical analysis of each position based on literature review (counter arguments and defense) 50%
    • You MUST integrate relevant Bioethical principles/models.
    • All facts MUST be supported by citations from the literature
  • Final Conclusions, Implications and your final position of the dilemma on health care practice/policy 20%
  • APA format 15%


Wikipedia, Dictionaries and Encyclopedias are NOT accepted as reference sources.

You MUST have a minimum of 7 references for each paper.

All papers MUST be submitted using Safe Assign.

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