Blurb: (Sandburg And Frost)

Blurb: Compare And Contrast (Sandburg And Frost)

To complete this assignment, you will write a one-page blurb.  A blurb is a response to literature incorporating specific passages or lines from literary works and citing those pages or lines.

1.  For this assignment, you will read the following poems by Robert Frost and Carl Sanburg.

Robert Frost’s
“The Pasture”
“Mending Wall”
“The Road Not Taken”

Carl Sandburg”s

2.  Consider how Frost’s poems focus more on nature in a pastoral setting and Sandburg’s poems focus on nature in a city setting.  Write a blurb that explains how each poet accomplishes the use of nature in the different settings while staying within the confines of the characteristic of  literature written from 1914-1945.

3.  Keep in mind, the blurb can be no longer than one page, double spaced, 12 font, no heading on the page.

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