Book-Not Like UsImmigrants and Minorities in America, 1890-1924

A 3-5 page book essay. Pick ONE topic and fully discuss throughout the paper. Not Like Us (Immigrants and Minorities in America, 1890-1924) by Roger Daniels
Date Posted: 05/09/2020
Category: History

  • Book-Not Like Us Essay Guidelines and topics (Pick only ONE) 1.Using specific examples from throughout the book, discuss the major sources of immigration in America from 1890-1924. How did American society react to these new immigrants? 2.Identify at least three different immigrant communities from throughout the book and discuss how their experiences were different or similar. Please use specific examples from the book 3.Using Specific examples from throughout the book, discuss how this work has changed your views on immigration in American society from 1890-1924

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