Burden of Disease Case study

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The cases responses must include sufficient support (at least 2 scholarly sources less than 5 years old, the Bible and the course textbook for each answer).

BOOK: Khaliq, A. A. (2020). Managerial epidemiology. (1st ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Publishers. ISBN: 9781284082173.

Read/Review: Chapter 3, Case Study 3.1

Respond to the following question sets. Include a description of how you derived the response.

  1. What are the top three cancer for DALYs? Are these differ from one race/ethnic group to another? What is the value of this information to the healthcare manager?
  2. In which race/ethnic group are lung cancer DALYs the lowest? Describe the impact of these results.
  3. Which race/ethnic group has the highest DALY’s from prostate and liver cancer? How can this information be used by a healthcare manager?
  4. How much does stomach cancer contribute to DALYs in each race/ethnic group? Why is this information important to the healthcare manager?

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