Business Law Ethics

You are the CEO of Flower Power, Inc.. A fast-growing chain of 100 florist shops based in the Southeastern United States.  The company opened for business 5 years ago with just 20 employees. And now has over 1500 employees.  The company is now in the process of installing a new computer network. Which will, for the first time, link all of the company’s offices and locations.  The company’s Chief Information Officer has approached you with a proposal to include a number of electronic surveillance features in the new network.

The proposed features include:

.If a PC or laptop is issued for an employee’s use away from the office for work use, all email and activities on that PC or laptop can be monitored as well.

1)Identify the ethical dilemma

2)Evaluate how stakeholders would be affected by various solutions to your dilemma.

3)Discuss the pros and cons of alternative courses of action.

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