Candy Industry Twizzers Essay

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The industry I choose is Candy Industry (Twizzers)

Part 2: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning — 500 words (due 10/16) – Submit via blackboard Who’s currently buying your product? Where are your deficiencies and where are opportunities? You are required to use the Simmons data for this portion of your paper. This is a natural place in your paper for multiple charts, figures, or graphs. (Please do not use charts directly exported from Simmons as these are often contain far more numbers then you actually need, and thus are not very user friendly. I want to see that you can identify and correctly understand the important values. You’re required to take these numbers and create some of your own figures) Remember, at this point in the paper it’s premature to make any recommendations. Topics in this part include, but are not limited to: a. Segmentation and Targeting: What groups of consumers appear to have the greatest propensity to buy your product? (such as demographic, psychographic, or product benefits–see Ch 9.) b. Positioning: Discuss the brand strategies and elements of the brand used to position each brand (such as brand personality, brand equity, positioning). Discuss competitive differences and advantages. (See Ch. 9) Please review the last slide from Chapter 9 on how to write a positioning statement.

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