Case Review Discussion

Module 4: Case Review Discussion

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After reading Chapters 9, 10, and 11 choose ONE of the following cases to review: Bouquett v. St. Elizabeth’s Corp. (p. 193), Goodwich v. Sinai Hospital (p. 229-230) or Bowe v. Charleston Area Medical Center (p. 267-268). After reviewing the selected case, identify/address the following:

Please refer to the Case Review Discussion Rubric Assessment Scale (Appendix A) in your syllabus when completing case reviews. Once you have submitted your response, read and respond to at least two of your peers’ posts by identifying a similar cited case per peer and provide your perception of each case’s political, social, and/or economic impact on the healthcare system. You’re welcome to utilize additional sources if/when needed. However, additional sources are not to take the place of your required reading material.

**Note: Be sure to select original cases in peer responses. Point deductions will be given for repeatedly used cases.

Resource (Sample Case Review):

Powell v. Margileth Case- p. 234 (course textbook)

Case Review Sample (in-text citations)

Download Case Review Sample (in-text citations).pdf

Course Textbook Sample #1

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