Childhood Obesity

For this assignment you will select, research and describe:

a relevant health concern such as a communicable disease, a chronic health problem, or a special health issue or
a relevant safety concern that affects children today such as the;

transporting of children, bicycle , lead paint in homes, etc. or
a relevant nutritional concern that affects children’s health today

Choose a specific, relevant/valid health/safety/nutritional concern that you have of young children (conjunctivitis, head lice, asthma, lead poisoning, allergies, childhood obesity, food safety, toy safety, etc.) Your topic MUST BE APPROVED
Do a thorough research of this specific topic by:
developing a list of key words
describing the particular health/safety/nutritional and its characteristic
the causes, cures and preventions
and any other important information to help your audience become better informed and better equipped to handle this concern in the classroom
Describe what your audience can do to prevent or impede this
Describe what cautions your audience and you would take and how you would help this child/children within the classroom as the early childhood teacher.

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