Children Interest on What They Learn


Children Should have an Interest on What They Learn

Before selecting an activity to share with the children, I will allow children to choose the books they want to learn about. Children love to make their own choices and allowing children to make choices encourages their critical thinking. Finding books that children can relate to will improve their social and emotional skills. Besides learning educational skills, I want children to learn skills that will help them with their personal life outside of school.

I will also need to be knowledgeable of my students’ current skills and know what skills they should be proficient in after the activity. From the age of 3 to 6, children are ready to learn handwriting, reading, and mathematical skills. It is important that I provide opportunities for children to improve their fine motor skills because it will help to prepare them for advanced skills like writing. If l’m planning to teach children handwriting skills, first, I will look for a book to read for them. Then I will plan an activity that will support the book’s ideas. An example of a fun handwriting activity could be a play dough writing tray. It can be used to practice writing letters, sight words, spelling words, numbers, and many more.


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