China’s Cyber Warfare Capability

Based on your Week 6 case study and additional week seven cases studies, discuss the various cyber responses. (500 words)

-Week 6 Case Study is listed below


China’s Cyber Warfare Capability

Cyberwarfare is a modern concept that has been established significantly due to the growth of the internet. Cyberwarfare entails activities by a country or an organization aimed at attacking the cyber system of another country. It can involve targeting the network of a country using a computer virus that disrupts activities. Typically, technology is the backbone of cyber warfare, and the countries with the most sophisticated technology have enormous cyber warfare capabilities. In cyber warfare, the intention is to harm another nation through the online platform and is termed war, and just computer systems are the targets. Several counts of cyber-attacks have been associated with state sponsorship. However, countries do not acknowledge involvement in a cyber-attack. In other cases, international organizations admit having perpetrated a cyberattack. Today, cyber warfare is becoming the modern type of war, and countries are working hard to increase their capabilities. One country with a significant cyber warfare capability is China. China is the second-largest economy and is also among the top countries with nuclear technology and defense system. China has invested heavily in cyber warfare and allocates vast amounts of money to the sector.

The attempt by countries like China and the U.S. to spend heavily on cyber warfare is because these countries want to ensure that they dominate in the area. Additionally, each nation seeks to ensure that it can protect its citizens from cyberattacks by other countries. China is one reason why the U.S. keeps getting pressure to invest in cyber warfare and increase its capability. Many stories and discussions have emerged concerning China’s cyber warfare capability, with many countries seeing China as a threat. In the recent past, China has been gaining global dominance, and arguments are that it is achieving it through cyber warfare. Most attacks that have been traced back to China are believed to have been facilitated by the government. However, the Chinese government has never admitted having sponsored any attack. China is arguably the second country with the best cyber warfare system globally, which means that it can effectively facilitate a cyber-attack. China developed its cyber warfare system to move at the same pace as countries such as Russia in the area and be able to defend itself and launch counter-attacks when necessary.

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