Class Room Management And First Year Interview

First Year Teacher Interview – Richardson ISD


Candidate: _Reshma Shrestha______________________________________________
Rate each response on a scale of 0 to 5. (0 would be no response or off topic, 5 would be detailed and includes best practices)
Question 1
Tell us about yourself.

I am a positive person with an optimistic perspective on life, enjoy my work, and watching my students learn and develop as individuals gives me a deep feeling of accomplishment and believe I am doing my job well if I can make a good effect on their future. also am a great communicator, both in writing and orally, and I have a strong capacity to prepare and organize; both of these qualities are important in the position of a responsible instructor. I work well under pressure and can adjust my teaching style or strategies if required to achieve consistent outcomes. Also am aware of the larger picture and the stresses that are exerted on the school andam someone who strives to be able to incorporate positive behavior improvement processes in the classroom and to continue to develop both socially and professionally.

Question 2
Why do you want to work/teach at NHE?


Question 3
What do you most look forward to in establishing your own classroom?
Question 4
What personal strengths do you have that are especially helpful when working on a team?
Question 5
What is most important when planning lessons for students? Describe your planning process for a major unit.
Question 6
How will you ensure that your instruction meets the needs of all students? For example, what would you do for students who had already mastered a concept as well as others who were struggling?
Question 7
How will you ensure your students are engaged and excited about learning? What are some specific examples of things you might do?
Question 8
How would you incorporate technology in your room?
Question 9
What will classroom management look like in your class?
Question 10
What steps would you follow to deal with a student who displays consistent behavioral problems in your classroom?
Question 11
What role would you like parents to play in your classroom?
Question 12
Occassionally, as a professional, conflict arises. How do you handle conflict?
Question 13
All first and second year teachers are assigned a mentor within our building. What do you hope to learn from your mentor?

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