Coffee Commodity Chain Issue Statement & Annotated Bibliography

Assignment 1: Issue Statement and Annotated Bibliography

Begin your bibliography with a one paragraph Topic Statement for your paper. Simply put, a topic statement is what you are going to write about.

After you have chosen a topic, identify any possible problems in the commodity chain. Problems are consumer health, the environment, or social inequality. Problems could be at the point of production, distribution or consumption. Explore the commodity online to see where social activism and global citizenship is being mobilized.

As you conduct research you should assemble an annotated bibliography with FIVE to TEN references regarding the process that goes into the production of your commodity. This might include websites, journal articles, books, materials from organizations etc. These resources might include such information such as:

(a) detailed presentation of the commodity chain;

(b) labor conditions under which the commodity is produced;

(c) environmental consequences of the production process;

(d) effects of the production process on people (health, status, etc) in relevant regions;

(e) health effects associated with the consumption of the product;

You should include the sources from which your information was collected. Wikipedia should be a starting place for research only, not a final bibliographic item. Make sure that you have a mixture of media, not only web-based materials.

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