Common Law Marriage in United States

– Use of a minimum of 3 outside resources (not the text), be it peer-reviewed journal activities

– A separate resource can be the text and/or the provided materials

– A minimum of 7 pages identifying both similarities and uniqueness of the different families or couples

  • Title, author, date, and source (cover page and reference page, not included in page count)
  • Introductory summary: a brief summary explaining your interest in the chosen couples or families (minimum of ½ page)
  • Identification and discussion of the comparison, i.e. similarities, uniqueness, commonalities, differences (minimum of 3 pages)
  • Reflections on research, i.e. any surprises, new insights, verification of what you suspected, other thoughts (minimum of 1 1/2 pages)
  • Applicability to the practice of social work: how might you use what you learned on your chosen subjects, be it couples or family types. (minimum of 2 page)
  • Resources page (not included in page count): minimum of 3 outside resources

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