Community Blood Center of the Carolinas

Community Blood Center of the Carolinas

Choose any case that you worked on in this course. Complete a 15-20-slide presentation (not including the title or reference slide) of the case analysis. Add to this analysis for depth where needed as you may have not done this in a previous assignment. Pretend you are presenting your case findings to its organizational leadership. Use the case analysis format to include:

Title slide

Introduction (brief description of the organization or department) (1 Slide)

  • Definition of the problem (1-2 slides)
  • Identification of the stakeholders (1-2 slides)
  • Analysis (1-2 slides) (The SWOT is an example of what to use here)
  • Identification of alternative solutions (1-2 slides)
  • Evaluation of alternative solutions (2-3 slides)
  • Solution (Justification) (1-2 slides)
  • Implementation steps (include stakeholder issues and how to communicate the findings) (2-3 slides)
  • Conclusion and reflection of this process (1-2 slides)
  • Resources slide (APA formatted resources and reference list) (1-2 slides)
  • Use the noted format in PowerPoint for elaboration of slide content
  • Use the audio function in PowerPoint to make your verbal presentation.

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