comparative genocide study

 comparative genocide study

Research Paper: “Applying and Evaluating ‘The Model’ in the Herero/German South West Africa Case” The 200point (total) Research Paper will be a totally original (limited quoting or even extended paraphrasing) evaluative  analysis using “The Model,” to explain the genocide of the Herero in German South West Africa at the turn of the 20th century. More specifically, your charge or “task order” is to use our Model to (a) explain in particular the preconditions and onset of the genocide, and (b) evaluate how well The Model fits the case (that is, what The Model  seems to not only capture but also to miss). To compound the analytic challenge, you are limited to no more than 10 double-spaced pages and no less than 7 pages, with standard margin and using 12-font (any deviation will result in the paper not being read, with a resulting score of zero). Your references will be listed at the end on a separate page that will not count as part of the 10-page limit. At least five reliable references are required for this research paper (academic journal, review, article, book chapter, book, etc). Wikipedia is not allowed for this paper.


1. Copying from the textbook or cutting and pasting sections from websites or other reference materials or presenting someone else’s ideas as your own is plagiarism and will not be tolerated and will result in zero (0) points for that assignment. Please review the FIU Plagiarism Prevention Guide. In addition, all work submitted must be original for
this class.

2. This class will utilize the Turnitin originality software.
3. Papers that are not properly cited will be issued a zero.
4. Always check the uploaded attachment is correct. After the deadline passes, the content submitted will be used for grading.
The reason for the paper exercise is that sooner or later students will find themselves in often highly competitive environments where they will have to provide their employers or superiors with flawless, clear, and concise analytic backgrounders. The assumption is that such analyses are written for individuals who are highly intelligent and well educated, but lack depth in a particular topic, question, or issue. The further assumption is that such individuals will have very limited time to read an analysis (hence the 10-page limit). In fact, the usual situation is that “it has to go in the boss’s briefcase for reading on the plane before arriving at [blank].” For interns to entry and middle level staff in highly competitive private or public sector environments, this is a very common experience.
Proper grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation, and correct writing in general are simply expected of professionals on the outside. Also, and this is about to be reiterated, even the slightest plagiarism in the paper will result in an F for the entire course –zero tolerance, zero tolerance, zero tolerance. No use of Wikipedia is allowed in the course. More generally, the FIU rules on cheating, plagiarism, and classroom comportment will be strictly enforced in all aspects of this class. In particular, please note the Code of Academic Integrity adopted by the FIU Student Government Association on the university website.

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