Comparing WWI & WWII Similarities & Differences in Promoting Economy Essay

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– Around 2.5 pages

– Use at least 2 examples from materials (lectures)

– Focus on:

+ Promote economy (mobilization or economy to fight the wars) in WW I and II:


specific example of government agencies that are being established to oversee the production, help relationships between management and workers rights (if the go for strike, they cant produce goods for the war). Propaganda committee on public information (convince people to support the war)


Government sets up what is call Cost plus contracts for corporations ( pay the cost for retool the factory to produce weapon, tank… and provide profit)

+ Neutrality: how the US attempted to remain neutral at the begin of the wars, then was involved in the both conflicts. Give the specific issues that are different for those conflicts

+ Confront in the home front : How government enforce some sense of patriotism in both wars? Mobilize the population to support the wars (espionage and sedition act to go after opposition of the war (IWW)). Citizens take the patriotism upon themselves ( American protective league went after draft dodger, against pro-German). Black Americans join military ( Double V campaign). Japanese American was taken to internment camps, force to sell farm and business (Korematsu case). Hispanic Americans (zoot suit riot) 

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