Compliance Plan in Healthcare System Project

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Reflecting on your learnings from Chapters 1 through 13, you will develop a Compliance Plan Review Guide that will document the sources you will review each year and use to keep your compliance plan current. Think back to the various agencies you have learned about in the course that work to support and enforce compliance activities. Visit their websites as a refresher and to look for documentation, reports, literature, and publications provided that will help guide compliance activities.

1. Create your plan on a WORD. Give your Review Plan a Title and a Description.

2. Next you will create a table in your work document the will consist of 5 columns

  • Include a column for the name of the Agency,
  • Include a column for the titles of the documentation or reports that will be referenced (could be multiple for an agency)
  • Include a Column for web links to the most recent report/publication
  • Include a Column that provides a description of the agency’s resources that are included

3. You table should include a minimum of seven identified Agencies and their resources, however, you are encouraged to include more if you would like.

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