concepts necessary to understand basic genetics

This module introduces the core concepts necessary to understand basic genetics and then covers the cell cycle, mitosis and meiosis. To complete this unit you should do the following:

1. Download the Reading/Study guide for the unit. Read through the chapters in the text and work on answering as many of the study guide questions as possible.

2. Watch the videos in the sequence they are set up on the next page. Use the study guide to help take notes and continue to add to your study guide answers as you work through the videos.

3. Use the Steps in Mitosis & Meiosis worksheet to take notes based on the text and the videos. Then draw each of the stages in mitosis and meiosis and describe what happens at each step; you will need to know these steps for the next test.

** Note** You are expected to do your own work in this I will be using new test proctoring software to help identify cheating. Any communication with anyone else or any use of materials that have not been approved will result in a zero for the test or assignments and will require that you meet with the Dean of Students before I will be allowed to return to class.

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