Consumer Health Informatics & Patient Generated Health Data Discussion

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Health informatics is a multidisciplinary field that utilizes technology to deploy information to other systems and to patients. For this assignment, you will explore the various pieces and options that go into this.

Using peer reviewed literature from the Google Scholar, explore and explain the history of health informatics, the areas it is currently being used, and some future options. Include an explanation of the regulatory role of the Office of National Coordinator.

Your paper should be two full pages (not including cover and reference page), double-spaced, fully researched and in-text citations. There are many journal articles available on this broad topic, so the research should be very straightforward on this assignment.

Provide a separate reference page at the end with complete information (not just pasted URLs).References

Writing LEVEL 3

Points Possible: 35


4 points for an introduction that clearly describes the purpose of your paper

3 points for an appropriate conclusion

20 points for body paragraphs that explain the history of health informatics, describe what the term means, areas currently used, future options, and role of ONC

8 points for writing level


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