Controlled Lighting Paper

Unit V Journal


Jennifer Veitch, PhD, a senior research officer at the National Research Council of Canada in Ottawa, investigates how indoor lighting affects employee well-being and productivity and how employee behaviors affect the use of resources and energy. Dr. Veitch recently completed a study on the impact of control over workspace lighting on workers. Findings of her research revealed that when people have control over the lighting in their work spaces, their moods are more upbeat, they are more committed to their employers, and they have overall improved well-being. Individually controlled lighting also reduced lighting energy use by 10 percent.

For this unit’s reflection, please share your thoughts on the pros and cons of implementing individually controlled lighting in an office environment. How receptive do you feel your company would be to exploring the concept of individually controlled lighting?

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.

Unit V Scholarly Activity


This assignment is designed to provide an opportunity to apply the concepts presented in the Unit V Lesson regarding controlling ergonomic risk factors with proper work environmental design. Specifically, you will be evaluating a work task to identify specific control measures that can be implemented to improve the design of the work.

For this assignment, you will evaluate the same video from Unit III and IV to identify opportunities to improve the task using the concepts presented in your Unit V Lesson.

Click here to access the video for this assignment. Please note that this video includes audio.

You are required to develop a report that includes the following information:

  1. identification of ALL of the environmental factors you observed in the video;
  2. summarization of ALL the environmental factors you observed, including the potential impact each of them could have on the worker; and
  3. recommendations for controlling the environmental risk factors using the hierarchy of controls (you must include at least one of each of the controls: engineering control, administrative control, and PPE).

Your completed assignment must include a minimum of two outside sources, one of which must be from the CSU Online Library, and the assignment must be a minimum of two pages in length, not counting the title and references pages. You may also include graphics to illustrate your design recommendations.

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