Coordinating Patient Centered Care Final Care Coordination Plan

Complete the preliminary care coordination plan you developed in Assessment 1. Present the plan to the patient in a face-to-face clinical learning session and collaborate with the patient in evaluating session outcomes and addressing possible revisions to the plan.

Care coordination is the process of providing a smooth and seamless transition of care as part of the health continuum. Nurses must be aware of community resources, ethical considerations, policy issues, cultural norms, safety, and the physiological needs of patients. Nurses play a key role in providing the necessary knowledge and communication to ensure seamless transitions of care. They draw upon evidence-based practices to promote health and disease prevention to create a safe environment conducive to improving and maintaining the health of individuals, families, or aggregates within a community. When provided with a plan and the resources to achieve and maintain optimal health, patients benefit from a safe environment conducive to healing and a better quality of life.

This assessment provides an opportunity for you to apply communication, teaching, and learning best practices to the presentation of a care coordination plan to the patient.

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