The Discussion Forums are designed to facilitate dialogue and discussion of ideas and concepts, to ask and answer questions and share experiences related to specific course materials.

Choose a deviant subculture/counterculture that interests you. Please present us with a different deviant sub/counterculture than examples from class. You cannot use the Transhumanist Movement or the medicalization/legalization of marijuana. You may provide a link if your group has an online presence. Why is your chosen group deviant? (i.e., behavioral, conditional, ascribed, public, etc). Are they a subculture or counterculture? Why? What types of norms do they violate? What sanctions might they experience? How might Labeling Theory and the concepts derived from this theory apply to your chosen deviant group? How might the relativist/social power perspective apply to your group? Do you see your deviant group moving into mainstream culture like the marijuana industry or the body/bio hacking movement? Remember, deviance is in the “eye of the beholder” and we are taking a sociological approach without judgment.

1) Break your Long Discussion Post into logical, flowing sections/paragraphs.

2) Bold the class terms/concepts you use.

4) Cite your outside source(s) at the end of your post in whatever format you like (e.g., APA, ASA, MLA, etc.)

You must include 1-2 (at least 1) outside credible source into your long post. Please see the videos on credible/academic source in the introduction materials. Sources may include CREDIBLE newspapers, magazines, websites or ACADEMIC books or articles.

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