Courtroom Term Project

Usually, one of the requirements of this course is that you visit a local courthouse to watch a trial.

Since this is physically impossible in the current circumstances, I have provided a link watch oral arguments presented to New York’s Court of Appeals (New York’s highest court). Each student, for this project has the choice to watch any one of the court proceedings that can be listened to by accessing the following link:

Your project must be typewritten, double-spaced and no more than five pages in length.  You must use a 12-point font and use one-inch margins.  Your grade will be based upon the quality of your submission, including effective presentation and analysis of the issues presented.

Your work must include each of the following elements:

1. Description of the courtroom (to the best of your ability).

2. Statement of the facts of the case.

3. Statement of names of all parties, attorneys and judge.

4. If there was a jury present, describe the jury’s involvement and demeanor.

5. State the question(s) of law or issues presented.

6. State the decision, if any (if you were not present for the decision, note the decision you would have reached based upon the facts and evidence presented, as well as the reason(s) supporting your decision).

7. Note and explain the reasons for the Court’s decision.

8. Note and explain whether you agree or disagree with the Court’s decision.

9. Describe fully your experience, observations and your opinion of what you witnessed.

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