COVID 19 and Vaccination Campaign

 COVID 19 and Vaccination Campaign

Please design a public health campaign to address a current global public health issue of your choice The campaign should use the social ecological model as a guiding framework and should be designed to a) raise awareness and b) promote behavior change. This is your time to explore a topic of interest in more detail! I want this project to be something that is truly enjoyable for you and has real world significance, so my topic is about COVID-19 and vaccination and the professor needs us to create a website for this topic!!

Once you have chosen a topic, please design a campaign that includes the following information:

  1. Prevalence/incidence of the issue (or other relevant statistics that highlights why your topic is a current issue)
  2. Population/region of interest that this intervention /campaign will target
  3. A discussion of how the social and/or structural determinants of health contribute to this issue
  4. Concrete recommendations for addressing this issue targeting specific levels of the social ecological model (SEM)
  5. A discussion of how improvements will be measured?

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