COVID 19 Pandemic

Paper #1 (250 min two scholarly sources)

With looks to the COVID 19 Pandemic there are several theories floating around as to how it began, how we navigate as a society etc. Research COVID 19 and tell us your theory overall regarding the state of our nation. Please remember to supply at least two scholarly sources and your initial discussion must be at least 250 word minimum.

Paper #2 (250 min two scholarly sources)

This week we will discuss classical and neoclassical theories. Provide an example of an item (can be as simple as paper towels, toilet paper, bleach etc. that are coveted in our most recent situation) and discuss it from both perspectives.

Paper #3 (250 min two scholarly sources)

Research the COVID 19 Pandemic and relates it to one of theories covered in our text this week.

Paper #4 (250 min two scholarly sources)

We will discuss subculture theories this week. Research a group of your choice (hippies for example) and discuss how they have evolved or devolved as a group, in clothes, appearance, causes etc.

Paper #5 (250 min two scholarly sources)

Discuss feminism, the primary interest of feminologists and four different types of feminist thought.

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