covid 19 pandemic

Influences of the covid 19 pandemic

Respond to the following:

Dr. Jennifer Haddad Connell

5/6/22, 8:00 AM

Hello Everyone:

Throughout the pandemic keeping spirits and morale high has been a challenge for me and my leadership staff. I will say that my employees have faced every challenge of covid 19 with strength and tenacity. Even through the periods when there was no visitation and patients and families were separated, the morale in my nursing home was great overall. There were some patients who were more affected than others, but overall our patients’ happiness level was very good and we didn’t have adverse outcomes. I have the best Activity Department ever, and for a small facility I have likely employed more Activity staff than anyone. I added employees to the department – we received HHS stimulus money and one way we used the money was to hire more staff strictly for patient morale and helping them communicate with families. We had tech grant money too, so lots of face time visits occurred. Having this level of support from Activities carried over into all employees’ satisfaction because the load of keep patients’ morale high did not just fall upon nursing staff.

All: Please discuss some things you and your co-workers have done during the pandemic to help each other, and your patients or customers? Perhaps you have examples of how you and your family have lifted each others’ spirits. Please share.


APA format

175 – 265 words

Cite at least one peer-reviewed reference



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