COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic. You must conduct research on Google, Google Scholar, or any other appropriate database prior to writing your paper.

You may use detailed bullet points in your answer to every or some questions.

Touching Your Life

  1. Do you know of someone who has had COVID-19 in your community?
  2. How has this diagnosis impacted the person’s life? How has it impacted your life?


  1. How has COVID-19 related shutdown impacted your home life?
  2. Who now lives in the house who didn’t previously (pre-COVID) and why? Who no longer lives in the house now and why?
  3. How have responsibilities at home changed during the lockdown?

The World Map

Identify on the map of the world a country or district (must be different from the country of your birth and/or residence. It cannot be Canada or Mexico). Use an arrow to identify the country or district on the map of the world.

Country Data

Describe specific socio-demographic characteristics (population stats, age, sex, community beliefs, health status, socio-economic status of residents, and environmental factors) that define the inhabitants of the community you selected. Include pictures and other graphics.

Answer the following questions about the country you selected:


  1. How has local food supply, availability, pricing, etc. been impacted by COVID-19 related lockdown? What has become scarce or hard to find? What is in abundance? How has the shopping experience changed during the lockdown?


  1. How have healthcare services been changed or limited by the lockdown? What new ways of providing healthcare have emerged? Where are there still gaps in healthcare provision?
  2. How has COVID 19 Pandemic affected access to health care, as it relates to other diseases, apart from the Corona Virus infections?


  1. In what ways has school changed from pre-COVID to now (elementary, high school, university)? Where have there been successes and challenges to the new way school is conducted?
  2. How have schools in your countries adapted to the need to modify educational activities? What are they doing right? What can be improved?


  1. What are some of the lockdown restrictions in the country? How are they being enforced?
  2. What challenges exist in the enforcement of lockdown restrictions?
  3. What travel restrictions exist?
  4. What are the effects of these travel restrictions?
  5. What societal challenges or problems have become more prevalent due to the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Social Life

  1. Are there conspiracy theorists or deniers of the legitimacy of the virus as a real crisis?

Conclusion: Write a concluding paragraph that demonstrates how your awareness of these COVID-19 related issues in this community and country affects and shapes your understanding of the content covered in this class this week.


You must cite and reference all your sources in APA Style.

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