Credential Society and Religion Role in Social Change

Compare and contrast the approaches taken by the three major sociological paradigms (i.e., functionalism, conflict theory, and interactionism) in their explanation of the causes of racial prejudice and discrimination.

Explain the high divorce rate from the functionalist, conflict, and interactionist perspectives. Moreover, provide solutions to help reduce the high rate of divorce that flows from each perspective.

•Explain what a credential society is and why it develops in a society. Moreover, discuss which social class of people benefit and which social class of people are placed at a disadvantage due to the situation of a credential society. Give examples to support your argument.

Discuss how Weber differed from Marx in his explanation of religion’s role in social change. Moreover, explain the link that Weber made between Protestantism and capitalism.

•Compare the functionalist and conflict perspectives on the distribution of power in the U.S. Which perspective more accurately describes the distribution of power in the U.S. today? Provide concrete examples to support your position.

•Discuss the three essential features of capitalism as well as the three essential features of socialism. Does a pure form of capitalism or socialism exist in the world today? Why or why not? Do recent events around the world suggest the emergence of a new economic and social form, one which blends capitalism and socialism? Describe the likely

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