Cultural Diversity and Caregiving

 Cultural Diversity and Caregiving

To what extent does the baby boom generation [those who were born 1946-1964] alter family structure in the U.S.? What is the prospect of family support for this generation when they grow old in the next several decades? Will the current pattern of social support change? How can the US learn from the way things are done in other cultures? Do we rely too much on outside help?

I want you to think seriously about your family. Are your parents living alone? Do you expect them to do so until they die? What about the culture of the family collective? It benefits everyone. Your parents can watch your kids while you work and then, you and your now older kids can watch over your parents.

Read this link on Cultural Diversity and Care giving:

Cultural Diversity and Caregiving.pdf

Now think about your future and America’s future in care giving while answering the questions above – where is the future headed in our country?

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